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Rose Day Sad SMS – Very soon the flower shops would be overcrowded with people and the air would smell like roses. The reason for this is known to every single person living on earth and i.e. the Rose Day is about to come. 7th of February is celebrated with full joy throughout the world as Rose Day. Many boys and girls would be looking forward to impressing one another by exchanging roses and wishes. However, among such couples, there would be many who may be looking forward to patching up their relationships or to express their grief of being lonely on that day. Just for the sake of such visitors, we have published this article named Rose Day Sad SMS.

This article contains a collection of Rose Day 2018 Sad SMS messages which can be used by anyone to express their feelings on Rose Day 2018. You may choose from a list of 15 to 20 SMS, the message which suits you the best. If you would like checking other pages of our site then, we would like to recommend Rose Day Cards Quotes and Rose Day 2018 Cards as they could be used for expressing your feelings in a better way. Some of the images in these articles may not focus on sad emotions, but we can assure you that you can easily find something relevant to it.

Rose Day 2018 Sad SMS

Following is the collection of 7th feb Sad SMS which has been created with sheer dedication of our team. You may use any of these SMS for texting, updating your status on Facebook or for sharing with your friends on WhatsApp.

Rose Day Sad Images
Rose Day Sad Images

Rose Day Sad SMS in English

Don’t try to like someone,
If you’re still involved with your SPECIAL ONE.


It’s Killing Me To Know,
That I’ve Done Everything To Keep Us Together,
When You Didn’t Even Try <\3




Never expect anything from your loved one…
But hold on and let her hurt you as much as she can…
Coz in the end…
There is a chance she will start loving you back…
If your love is true…
Hold on and wait for that day…
Which you know may only happen sometimes…
But its the price of true love atleast in YOUR HEART…


So all of that meant nothing?
What about the promises?
The phone calls?
The texts?
Did you even care?
Does it even mean anything to you?
Because it means EVERYTHING to ME.


A Beautiful Quote:
Whats More Painful?
When A Person Whom YOU Trust
Hurts YOU..
A Person Whom YOU Hurt
Still Trusts YOU..?


You can go away from me at any moment of time,
But please do it along with YOUR MEMORIES…

Rose Day Sad SMS – Girl Feeling Sad

No one notices my tears.
No one notices my pains.
No one notices my sadness.
But they all notice MY MISTAKE.


Someday you’ll cry 4 me like I cried 4 You
Someday you’ll miss me like i missd u
Someday you’ll need me like i needed u..
Someday you’ll love me but I won’t love YOU…

Rose Day senti SMS in Hindi

Kabhi Usko Nazar Andaz Na Karo
Jo Apki Bahut Fikar Karta Ho.
Varna Kisi Din Apko ehsas Hoga,
Ki Patthar Jama Karte-Karte
Aapne Heera Gawa Diya.


Jinke Bina Jeena Mushkil Tha,
Usi Ne Jeena Mushkil Kar Diya.
Jiske Naam Ki Hum Kasam Khate The,
Wahi Kasam Tod Ke Chal Diya.


Ehsaas bahut hoga jab hum chhod k jayege,
Royenge bahut magar aasu nahi aayenge,
Jab saath na de koi to aawaj hume dena,
Aasma per bhi honge to Laut Aayenge…


Agar Bhigne ka itna hi shoq hai baarish me
To Dekho na meri aankhon me
Baarish to har ek ke liye hoti hai
Lekin ye aankhein sirf tumhare liye barasti hain…


aaj ye dil keheta hai, tu ab laut chal
guzarti nahin hai, meri koi bhi pal
mujhko yahaan se le chal
aaj ye dil keheta hai, TU AB LAUT CHAL.


Karke Bewafayi Hamse kya Paoge,
khud Ki Nazron Me Hi Ek Din Gir Jaoge.
Chalegi Jis Din Ehsas Ki Aandhi
Meri Yado Me Toot kr Bikhar Jaoge.


Ajib Tarah Se Socha Tha Zindgi Ke Liye.
Jeena – Marna Tha Kisi Ke Liye.
Tanha Chhod Gaye To Yakeen Aaya,
Koi Kisi Ka Nahi Hota
Zindgi Bhar Ke Liye.


Kisine Kaha Tha Ki Kisise Kuch Na Kehna,
Lage Chot DILpe To Khamosh Rahna,
Jahan Chot Khana Wahi Muskurana,
Magar Muskurana Is Adase ho ki,
Ro De Zamaana.


Wo deta hai dard bus humi ko,
Kya samjhe ga wo in aankhon ki nami ko?
Lakhon deewane ho Jiske
Wo kya mehsoos kare ga ek humari kami ko!!

This was our collection for Rose Day 2018 Sad SMS. If you wish to get more content like this then, keep checking our site regularly.

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