Happy Hug Day 2018

We are almost in the last phase of the valentine week as the Hug Day 2018 has arrived!

Hug day is the 6th day of the valentine week and is celebrated every year on February 12th. Everybody loves a hug but only lucky ones get it from their better half and this is why Hug day is considered to be one of the most important days of this love week.

Happy Hug Day 2018

Happy Hug Day

On the Hug Day, you can share relevant stuff like images, wishes etc. We have covered multiple topics and the list of such topics has been provided below.

  1. hug day images.
  2. hug day messages.
  3. hug day sms.
  4. hug day quotes.
  5. hug day gift ideas.

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As of now, we have only posted this much updates only about the Hug Day 2018, but will for sure try to post even more to help you guys to make your day even better.

Also, if you guys would like to grab the updated stuff at first then you can connect with HappyValentineWeek.in on social media like Facebook, Twitter and you can also share this page with your friend and not to forget with your better half too!

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Leave your comments below about the feel of the site and we wish you all a very Happy Hug Day 2018.


  1. Valentine Week is that time of the year when love in all it types and forms is celebrated. From 7th Feb. to 14 Feb. several days (rose day, promise day, hug day, chocolate day etc.) are celebrated. All the day has its own importance. Hug day is celebrated on 12th February. Giving a hug to your loved ones will help you in forgetting all your problems. Thank you for sharing the article and have a great valentine.


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